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Welcome to Air Holland Fanclub and Air Holland Virtual Airlines.

The Air Holland Fanclub is the first airline fanclub in the world. This is why we closely work together with Air Holland which gave us permission to found the Air Holland Fanclub and Air Holland VA (for flightsimulator). The idea to found a fanclub has arised some years ago. During aviation fairs I met a lot of people that, like us, collect articles of Air Holland and who are as well very interested in the sole independent Dutch airline company.

The goal of this fanclub is to get together enthousiastic people who collect every article of Air Holland as well people who have a heavy interest in this airline company. On our website and forum you will find all kinds of information about e.g. the fleet, history, photos, destinations, future and collectors items.

The Air Holland Virtual Airlines has been set up especially for the flight simulator fans that 're-fly' flights of Air Holland in accordance with the offical flying procedures.

Everybody who's interested in Air Holland and Air Holland VA can apply for membership of our fanclub. Members of the Air Holland Fanclub and Air Holland VA will be regularly updated via our website and e-mail about the latest developments around Air Holland and collection items.

In the near future we want to visit aviation fairs and holiday fairs to promote both Air Holland and the Air Holland Fanclub. Furthermore we have plans to organize round- and daytrips to aviation fairs at home and abroad. Together with Air Holland we will set up an extensive archive for old materials that have been used in the past by Air Holland to make sure that these items will be retained. These items will be used for expositions in e.g. museums.

We wish you a pleasant stay on our website.

Michel van Haarlem.

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