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Air Holland, past and present

The history of Air Holland is a history of hills and dales. Air Holland won a place in aviation that was never expected. John Block won his case a new airline company had to be introduced. After years of planning and arrangements Air Holland became reality in 1985. Next milestone for both passengers and aviation fans was the introduction of the first (and definitely not the last) Boeing 757-200 (PH-AHE) that was delivered on March 9, 1988, there for Air Holland flew with 3 Boeing 727-200. Air Holland was again the first in Holland with these modern and popular aircrafts. Nowadays still an excellent choice as the 757's still have a high performance and several newly introduced jets do not come within miles regarding the reliability of these great planes. Air Holland, service and friendliness; in short the dream for the tourist. And this was rewarded. Air Holland became the number 1 airline company of Holland. Everybody was talking about it 'If I can't fly Air Holland, I rather stay home'. Unfortunately Air Holland faced several time a severe head wind. Financial problems, often caused by outsiders, regularly caused 'delays'. In spite of all that Air Holland kept on going. And again Air Holland became the most popular tourist's airline company in the mid nineties. What makes Air Holland so particular is not only the fact that they're the sole independent Dutch airline company, but especially the impressing service offered. The big forces within Air Holland are the employees, of which the bigger part works already for years for Air Holland, which are fighting continuously for the company. And it pays back Air Holland is back again with a whole new identity, new management but especially with still the same level of service and friendliness that has always been the thread in the existence of Air Holland. Air Holland is and will stay the number 1 of Holland. Tourists have nothing left to desire then the best of Air Holland. So let's hear from you tour operators!

The slogan says it all: Air Holland Love it in the Air.


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